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The Pleasure of Sin (Club X, #1)

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The Pleasure of Sin


Hi Everyone,

Have you ever started a fight and knew it was pretty stupid?  This section deals with learning to pick your battles.

Pick your battles.

When you are starting out in a relationship, it is very easy to get swept up in the bliss of the moment.   Pretty soon, you start to expect every moment to be wonderful.  But, unless you live in a fairy tale, eventually the bubble will burst and you will end up in an argument. 

As you start your married life, these battles can go from bad to worse in a millisecond.  That is why it is important to pick your battles wisely. 

Is it really worth it to yell because he forgot to put the toilet seat down? 

Believe me, there are more important things going on than the toilet seat here.  Most likely, it is just another link in the chain about what you are really mad about.  Maybe he has a pattern of not listening to you?  Or maybe you feel like he is not being helpful?  You may even feel like everything is left for you to do.  Whatever it is, this isn’t just about the toilet seat.  That’s why it is important to say what you mean and mean what you say.

As you are probably already aware, women are very confusing to men.  They will start an argument about the toilet seat and end up talking about a house repair project from five years ago.  The reason this happens so often is that often times it isn’t about the toilet seat at all.  Instead, it is about some other deep-seated reason, and the toilet seat is just another manifestation of that problem.

So, ask  yourself, is this really about the toilet seat?

If it isn’t, then you need to address the real problem and not clutter the issue with trivial things. 

If it is, you might want to decide if it is really worth an argument?

Have a great weekend,

Shauna Hart


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