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The Pleasure of Sin (Club X, #1)

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The Pleasure of Sin


Hi Everyone,

I'm continuing my series on Getting Married and Staying Married.  Have you ever fallen in love only to find a few months later that the little things you used to think were endearing were annoying?  That is what today's post "Nobody's Perfect" is all about.

Nobody’s Perfect

It is easy to put on the rose-colored glasses and forget all about the little quirks you mate has when you are falling in love.  But eventually, we all have to take those glasses off.  And when they come off, we are left with the true picture.  Suddenly, the way he smacks his gum gets more and more annoying.  But, keep in mind, that you are not alone here.  Maybe he can’t stand the way you make slurping noises with your straw?

The bottom line is that we all have little quirks that can be annoying to others, especially someone that spends a lot of time with us.  So, before you start criticizing him, you might want to consider the fact that you are not perfect either.  No one is.  Maybe you can overcome the gum smacking if he can overcome the slurping noises?

It is very easy to pick someone else apart and find their flaws, but remember that the same can be done to you.   The lesson here is to not ruin your time together with silly arguments.  You fell in love with this person for a reason.  

So, the next time he smacks his gum, come up with a mental list of things you love about him instead of trying to point out flaws.

Have a great week,

Shauna Hart

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