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The Pleasure of Sin (Club X, #1)

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The Pleasure of Sin


Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered why people cheat on their spouse?  Take a look at what I think the number one reason is:

The Cheating Trap

This is a trap that good intentioned people fall into all the time.  Often times, people get lost in this trap and throw away years of a good relationship over a passing attraction.

How does it happen?

We’re going to break it down here.

It starts out innocently.  You become friends with a co-worker.  You have lunch, share things about your life with them.  You enjoy talking to them. 

Now, let’s get into what is happening at home.  Your family is coming to visit and the house is a mess.  Your spouse has been busy at work and hasn’t had time to mow the yard.  An unexpected bill came in the mail that is going to stretch your finances for the month.

Do you see the trap being laid yet?

In this scenario, it is easy to see.  The reason that you enjoy spending time with your co-worker isn’t necessarily because they are such a great person or because they just seem to “get” you.  It is because they aren’t connected to all the other worries in your life.  When you spend time with them, you don’t have to think about all the other stressors that are going on.  You can just take a minute to enjoy yourself.  I mean, let’s face it, are you really going to dump all of your problems on them or go over your financial condition?  No, of course not.  This is why the other person is so much more appealing at the time. 

On the other hand, your spouse is your partner in life.  They share all of the commitments, responsibilities and worries with you.  So, when you spend time with them, you are usually discussing those issues.   Is it really fair to penalize them because they share every aspect of your life with you?  After all, they are there to hold you when the tears come or help you when your family is driving you crazy.  That is what marriage is all about.  It isn’t just about the fun times.  It is about all the times in between, too.

So, when you feel like you might be about to fall into this trap, ask yourself if you would be enjoying yourself just as much if you could go on a regular date with your spouse and not have to worry about all the stressors in your life? 

Remember, just because your co-worker can make you laugh about movies, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can handle the pressure of being your partner in life. 

Give credit where credit is due.  If your spouse can stand by you, don’t they deserve the same in return?

Have a fantastic weekend,

Shauna Hart


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