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The Pleasure of Sin


Hi Everyone,

Have you ever tried to change your partner?  Check this out:

Don’t go changing me!

You’ve got the ring and you are committed to this relationship, but here’s a few things to think about before you start planning the big day.  Don’t go into this marriage thinking you can change your partner.  Sure, little things may change along the way.  For instance, he might actually start to remember to put the toilet seat down, but the fundamentals don’t change. 

A good example is the great baby debate.  He has said many times that he doesn’t want kids.  He’s been completely up front about it from the start.  But you think you can change his mind. 


If he has been open about the way he feels, don’t think that you can change his outlook on something as important as having a family. 

Is it possible that down the road he might change his mind?

Of course, but more often than not one of you is going to be unhappy with the situation.  Whether it is the wife that wants children but her husband won’t consider it or the husband who feels pressured into having a baby he doesn’t really want. 

Be realistic! 

If he has said that he doesn’t want children, ask yourself if you can truly live with that decision.  If you can’t, it might be a good idea to set the wedding date far out to give you both time to assess what is important.

Believe me, it is much easier to postpone a wedding than it is to end a marriage.  It is very important that you know what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable in your relationship.  Negotiables are the items that you can compromise on and non-negotiables are the items that you simply won’t budge on.  Obviously something like “always opens the door for me” is negotiable, but “must love animals” might be a non-negotiable if you have a couple of pets.

Have a great weekend,

Shauna Hart

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