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The Pleasure of Sin (Club X, #1)

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Shadows of Ecstasy

Den of Desire

The Pleasure of Sin



Luck of the Blood

Luck of the Blood

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When Katarina “Kat” Montague learned she was a half human, half vampire hybrid whose father was one of the oldest living vampires, she had no idea how much her life would change. With Alec Ventru, the vampire her father sent to protect her, she has found a love and passion she craves more than her next breath.

But someone knows the truth about who she is…

Alec has loved Kat for years. He would give his life to protect her. But when Kat’s father sends in a Vindicate named Vincenzo “Vin” DeLucia to take down the tracker who knows the truth about her, everything changes. Vin takes what he wants and he wants Kat.

Torn between two men, Kat must decide who she really is and who she is destined to become.