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The Pleasure of Sin (Club X, #1)

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Shadows of Ecstasy

Den of Desire

The Pleasure of Sin



Sins of the Past

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When Jackson Hart came back to town to bury his mother, the last person he wanted to see was Mallory Westfall. Fifteen years ago, she walked away from him when he needed her most. Now, he’s back, but he isn’t the naïve boy she remembers. He’s a successful author whose made quite a name for himself. 

Mallory Westfall has paid for her sins. Years ago, she turned her back on the only man she ever loved to save him from her father. After her divorce, all she wanted to do was stay out of the local gossip. But when Jackson Hart returns, she is faced with the pain she inflicted and the all-consuming heat he inspires. But Mallory has a secret, a secret she has been protecting for the last fifteen years. And getting too close to Jackson again is not an option. 

As each of them try to fight their feelings for each other, long buried truths are brought to light. But with so much between them, will they ever be able to try again? Or will the sins of their past finally consume them?